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                              6m Canadaward
Band# Date        Grid   Call          Name     Worked Confirmed 
A#001   17 Jan 1980 FN74   VE1YX         Bob        ex-VE1AVX
A#003   16 Oct 1980 EM74   K4BI          Jim        ex-N3AHI+W4MIL+K8BBN+K0LSQ
A#024   14 Jun 1982 EN70   W4CKD         Bob        -
A#102   27 Feb 2002 FN24   K3KYR         Jeff       - 
A#103   19 Mar 2002 FN03   VE3FIT        Ken        -
A#103m   8 jun 2004 FN46   VE2TH         Mike       QRP
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6m Canadaward

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