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A=50MHz, 7=70MHz Rcv, B=144MHz, C=222MHz, D=432MHz, 9=902MHz, E=1296MHz, F=2304MHz, G=3456MHz, H=5760MHz,
I=10GHz, J=24GHz, K=47GHz, L=75GHz, M=119GHz, N=142GHz, O=241GHz, S=300GHz, P=Light, SAT=Satellite

DATE  GRID   CALL      NAME      BANDS        ST,ex-call+Email+Tel+EME+MS+VUCC# 22-feb-09

06/01 BP40kl AL7R      Brent     A            AK, ex-KL7KJ, AL7R[a_t], bburnett[a_t]
10/06 BP51gn KL7HFQ    Roger     D            AK, rkh[a_t], EME
02/09 BP40iq KL7UW     Ed        ABCD9EFGHI   AK, ex-AL7EB, kl7uw[a_t], al7eb[a_t], al7eb[a_t], +(AO-10), EME
05/07 BP40hf NL7OW     Tom       A

03/97 BP51fh AL7JK     John      A            ex-WD4LSP,al7jk[a_t], AL7JK[a_t]
07/00 BP51de AL7PJ     Randy     A            AK, ex-WL7CGQ, vallee[a_t]
11/06 BP51dc KL6M      Mike      ?            kl6m[a_t], melum[a_t]
12/97 BP51xq KL7FB     Chris     ?            EME, 907-745-2919
11/06 BP51gn KL7FZ     Steve     A            AK, radio[a_t], EME??, 907-376-6467
08/99 BP51dc AL7OB     Mike      D            ex-WA0CJI, melum[a_t], 907-345-6999, 432 EME only right now, (future 144, 1296)
07/00 BP51be KL7FH     Frank     A            AK, ex-NL7HP, kl7fh[a_t], QSL Manager: NU4N
07/00 BP51de KL7G      ARC       A            AK, wl7im[a_t]
01/00 BP51ae KL7X      Mike      BD           AK, kl7x[a_t], EME, 907-248-4291
01/02 BP51ce KL7XX     ?         A            AK, kl7xx[a_t]
12/98 BP51gn KL7Y      Dan       A            kl7y[a_t]
11/99 BP51be KL9A      CHRIS     A            ex-WL7KY, wl7ky[a_t]
**/** BP51ho KL0FZ     RODNEY    A            
05/07 BP51dl NL7Z      Kevin     A            AK, nl7z[a_t]
**/97 BP51hn WL7PV     Chris     A            brosh[a_t]

05/07 BP53   KL8DX               A

05/07 BP54   KL7NO     AL        A            anoe[a_t], A#1010

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