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A=50MHz, 7=70MHz Rcv, B=144MHz, C=222MHz, D=432MHz, 9=902MHz, E=1296MHz, F=2304MHz, G=3456MHz, H=5760MHz,
I=10GHz, J=24GHz, K=47GHz, L=75GHz, M=119GHz, N=142GHz, O=241GHz, S=300GHz, P=Light, SAT=Satellite

DATE  GRID   CALL      NAME      BANDS        ST,ex-call+Email+Tel+EME+MS+VUCC# 14-may-08

**/** DO00   VE7RJ     JAMES     ABDE         DN09do ?
**/** DO00kn VE7RKC    RANDY     A            ex-VE7DRC

02/97 DO05oe VE6AMB    STANISLAUS ?           scameron[a_t],scameron[a_t]
11/98 DO05od VE6NM     Earle     AB           ewsmith[a_t], ewsmith[a_t]

05/99 DO20uq VE6LDN    LARRY     A
06/00 DO20   VE6NA     Bryan     ABDE         westmid[a_t], rhyasonb[a_t], ve6na[a_t], ve6na[a_t],MS, EME +1296
02/99 DO20   VE6PY     PAUL      A            taenzer[a_t]

09/04 DO21xb VE2SWL/6  Jordan    ABCDEF       jordana[a_t], MS, soon 1296 + 2304
**/** DO21xb VE6BOJ    RANDALL   ABD
11/98 DO21xb VE6DX     ERNEST    A            AB
11/06 DO21xc VE6GAV              B            l.gavel[a_t], EME
**/** DO21xb VE6LR     JAMES     C            1x15, 400w
03/00 DO21xb VE6MUF    Brian     ABD          brian[a_t]
**/** DO21xb VE6SW     STANLEY   ?            
07/01 DO21wb VE6XT     John      ABCDE        jakirk[a_t], ve6xt[a_t], ve6xt[a_t], ve6xt[a_t], EME, soon: 2.4 GHz, 10 GHZ (FM), laser, VE6XT[a_t]VE6YYC.#SAB.AB.CAN.NA, (VK2PV)

**/** DO22   VE6NTT/P  Don       A            see DO31

05/07 DO23   VE6EGN              A

11/00 DO24tc VE6SWC    Stan      B            kenkoman[a_t], SAT#?   sat only 

07/00 DO31   VE6DV     David     A            ex-VE6CNZ, juddd[a_t], VE6DV[a_t]
06/01 DO31   VE6NTT    Don       ABC          sipesd[a_t],  403-280 8825,  ve6ntt[a_t]ve6yyc.#CGY.AB.CAN.NA, A#?  http:/  see DO22

08/98 DO32bg VE6BPR    Al        AB           ve6bpr[a_t]
05/97 DO32cg VE6NON    Dale      A            ve6non[a_t]

10/00 DO33gn VA6AN     Al        ABD          ex-VE6EKP, anichols[a_t], do34 06/00, +(VA6AEN)
03/07 DO33im VA6DX     Barry     ABD          ex-VE6MK+VE6BMR, va6dx[a_t], bbergstr[a_t],MS, 780-467-2115, (cell: 446-8499)
11/04 DO33ap VA6SZ     Andy      ABD          ex-VE6AQE, va6sz[a_t], va6sz[a_t], va6sz[a_t]
**/** DO33en VE6/K2JFV JACK      A            4x17M2, KW alsoVE6JW, 403-973-6413
10/99 DO33gn VE6BCC    Ernie     ABD          ve6bcc[a_t]
**/** DO33en VE6EME    AURORAVHF A            4x17M2, KW See VE6JW, 403-973-6413
01/99 DO33   VE6JTM    Mitch     ABD          mitch[a_t], ve6jtm[a_t] , mitch[a_t]
09/06 DO33en VE6JW     Jack      ABDEF        ve6jw[a_t], 4x17M2, KW, 403-973-6413, EME
06/97 DO33EN VE6JW     multi-op  ABDE         op:VE6JW+VA6DX+VE6LDX+VE6BMX+VE6DGG+VE6JY+WA2TMC+VE6MAA  
12/07 DO33   VE6JY     Don       ABD          ve6jy.1[a_t], ve6jy[a_t]
03/07 DO33gn VE6PWN    Auke                   sparkycivic[a_t]
05/08 DO33ep VE6RDC    Chris     A            cdorn[a_t]
03/07 DO33gs VE6TA     Grant     ABCDEF       ve6ta[a_t], 780-973-5127, EME ABCDEF, 1kw on all bands except F,  180 watts on F,5 meter dish on CDEF, 7 el yagi on A, 17 element yagi on B

09/97 DO40pa VE6LJD    Russ      A            ex-DA4RS/VE6

05/00 DO43   VE6FW     Dale      A            dkidmose[a_t], QSL Manager: VE6NRJ

08/04 DO61ov VE5UF     Doug      AB           dougf[a_t]

06/03 DO70fj VA5VHF    Michael   ABD          ex-VE3VRQ,[a_t], mdh22[a_t], 306-693-8669,, (Used during grid expiditions ONLY)
07/01 DO70qk VE5LY     Ross      ABCDE        laskorg[a_t], 4x16, KW, 306-352-0514
06/03 DO70fj VE5MDH    Michael   ABD          ex-VE3VRQ,[a_t], mdh22[a_t], 306-693-8669,
06/97 DO70qk VE5NN     ARC       AB           op:VE5NN+VE5CMA
06/06 DO70qk VE5RC     Bruce     AB           rattray[a_t]
06/03 DO70fj VE5SIX    Michael   ABD          ex-VE3VRQ,[a_t], mdh22[a_t], 306-693-8669,, (Used during contests ONLY)

11/04 DO73ce VE5EX     Ron       AB           ron.t[a_t]

**/** DO81re VE5LY     RICK      AB           6x18, KW, 306-782-3663,  see DO70qk

10/97 DO91je VE4RBL    Brian     AB           blward[a_t]
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