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                  The 2001 50 MHz DX Marathon
is a DX contest with grid fields (20 degree X 10 degree squares) as multipliers extending over 
the period 0000Z June 9, 2001 through 2400Z July 8, 2001. We have simplified reporting and changed 
scoring in the hopes of increasing participation. Just send in your logs by mail or e-mail in form 
similar to the reports inside this bulletin. You need only make a valid non-relayed 6m contact. 

Necessary fields to be logged are: date/time, call, and either 4 or 6 digit grid square (which you 
may obtain after the QSO). You must also indicate at least once, your call and grid square. If you 
include both with each log entry, separate with >; e.g., CM87>your grid. 

Your entry will be computer-scored with 1 point for the one contact under 4400 km in length in each 
grid field unless you get a 3-pointer in that grid field. Score 3 points for contacts of 4400-5500 km,
 4 points for 5500-6600, 5 points for 6600-7700 km, 6 points for 7700-8800 km, etc. You may figure the
  distance or the computer will determine it from the grid squares.

                   1998 50 MHz DX Marathon

   The 50 MHz DX Bulletin is sponsoring its 5th 50 MHz DX Marathon, in which
the object is to work 6m stations in as many grid fields (10 deg X 20 deg areas)
as possible.  (The grid field is the first two letters of a grid square.)  This
year's contest period will run from 00Z June 20 to 00Z July 20 (1998).  Only
one QSO per station worked should be reported unless either station has changed
grid fields, and only one QSO of distance shorter than 4400 km should be
reported per grid field.

   It is thus expected that participants will abstract those QSOs qualifying from
their regular and contest logs.  The only over-the-air exchange required is
call signs, but you are expected to log date & time UTC and to report the
location or grid square with sufficient accuracy to verify the distance.

Scoring, 6 points for QSOs with stations more distant than 8800 km, 3 points
for QSOs with stations between 4400 and 8800 km, 0 points (but a multiplier
for new grids fields) for QSOs with stations closer than 4400 km.  Multiplier:
number of grid fields.  Final score = (Contact Points + 1) X grid fields.
Logs should be posted by August 10, 1998 to:

The 50 MHz DX Bulletin
12450 Skyline Blvd.
Woodside, CA 94062-4541

Victor R. Frank, K6FV
frank[at]horizon.sri. com