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*VHF (weak signal) (Canada)  vhf[at]      vhf-subscribe[at]
VHF (weak signal) (Oceania) vk-vhf[at] vk-vhf-request[at] subscribe vk-vhf
VHF SM,OZ,LA,OH,BalticSea   vushf[at]    majordomo[at]          subscribe vushf
VHF (weak signal)(Europe)   vhf-dx-discuss[at] majordomo[at]  subscribe vhf-dx-discuss
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VHF (contest)(Europe)       vhf-contests[at] majordomo[at]    subscribe vhf-contests
*VHF (South America)         vhf-dx[at] vhf-dx-subscribe[at]     n/a

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50MHz Japan                 6m-dx[at]       majordomo[at]             subscribe 6m-dx  HELP->  6m-dx-request[at]
2m                          2m[at]             2m-request[at]                subscribe yourpassword

222mhz                      222mhz[at]         222mhz-request[at]                subscribe yourpassword
70cm                        70cm[at]           70cm-request[at]                subscribe yourpassword
Mikro SM,OZ,LA,OH,BalticSea Mikro[at]  majordomo[at]          subscribe Mikro
VUSHF SM,OZ,LA,OH,BalticSea vushf[at]  majordomo[at]          subscribe vushf
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23cm                        23cm[at]           23cm-request[at]                subscribe yourpassword
Microwave                   microwave[at]   microwave-request[at]            subscribe microwave

Microwave (VK)              vk-shf[at] vk-shf-request[at] subscribe    to unsub. Majordomo[at]    unsubscribe vk-shf
*Laser                       laser[at]          laser-request[at]                subscribe yourpassword

*EME (moon-net)              moon-net[at]           
EME backup for moon-net     eme[at]      majordomo[at]          subscribe eme
Rover                       rover[at]          rover-request[at]                subscribe yourpassword
*MUF 25mhz & up,TV& 30-50mhz vhfskip[at] vhfskip-subscribe[at] n/a

Down East microwave         demi[at]           demi-request[at]          subscribe      unsubscribe demi Majordomo[at] 
meteor-scatter              meteor-scatter[at] meteor-scatter-request[at]             subscribe yourpassword
HSMS                        hsms[at]           hsms-request[at]                subscribe yourpassword

*VHF digital                 PSK_vHF_UHF_HAMRADIO[at] PSK_vHF_UHF_HAMRADIO-subscribe[at] n/a
*WSJT                        wsjtgroup[at] wsjtgroup-subscribe[at] n/a
*50Mhz                       DigitalOnSix[at] DigitalOnSix-subscribe[at] n/a

EME                         moon[at]                                  

50MHz Six Club              sixclub[at]        sixclub-request[at]             subscribe yourpassword
50MHz SMIRK Club            smirk[at]          smirk-request[at]               subscribe yourpassword
SWOT                        sidewindersontwo[at] sidewindersontwo-subscribe[at] n/a 
VHF(weak signal)NEWS Club   newsvhf[at]        newsvhf-request[at]             subscribe yourpassword
VHF(weak signal)NLRS Club   nlrs[at]           nlrs-request[at]                subscribe yourpassword
VHF(weak signal)WSWSS Club  wswss[at]          wswss-request[at]               subscribe yourpassword
VHF(weak signal)Packrats "  packrats[at]       packrats-request[at]            subscribe yourpassword
VHF(weak signal)RMVHF Club  rmvhf[at]                rmvhf-request[at]                     subscribe yourpassword        (Rocky Mountain VHF+ club)
VHF(weak signal)RVHFG Club  rvhfg_general[at]  rvhfg_general-subscribe[at]
VHF(weak signal)BadgerClub  badgercontesters[at] badgercontesters-request[at]  subscribe yourpassword   
VHF(weak s)FourLanders Club FourLanders[at] FourLanders-request[at] subscribe FourLanders YourCallsign     to unsubscribe: listserv[at]  unsubscribe FourLanders
VHF(weak signal)Southeastern svhfs[at] SVHFSList-request[at]           subscribe svhfslist YourCallsign
VHF(weak signal)PNWVHFSClub PNWVHFS[at]
VHF(weak signal)Ontario VHF OntVHFAssoc_reflector[at]           

VHF(weak signal)CVVHF Club  cvvhf[at]                                                                                                                                                                                    
Florida Weak Signal Society  subscribe
North Texas uwave society                                                                                 
Contest mostly HF           CQ-Contest[at]Contesting.COM majordomo[at]   subscribe cq-contest
*Contest (Canada)            canada_contest[at]  canada_contest-subscribe[at]
Contest  mostly HF          contest[at]        contest-request[at]             subscribe yourpassword    
Contest results mostly HF   3830[at]    3830-request[at]   subscribe
Contest HF (Japan)          contest-rules[at] contest-rules-request[at] subscribe contest-rules
Contest (France)            list-concours[at] list-concours-subscribe[at]   n/a
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