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From: "Donald M. Ross" 
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 11:30 AM
Subject: Still time to enter the SWOT Contest
Never won anything in Ham Radio?

Want to be recognized amongst your peers and friends for your 2m prowess?

Want bragging rights before the ARRL sanctifies your score?

Want to be able to show the chairlady of the finance committee why you
absolutely need that new Alpha / Commander / Henry / (insert favorite brand
here) 2m amp so that "their" household can keep up with the Joneses?

Then submit your cabrillo formatted Jan VHF contest log to NL7CO@ARRL.NET
prior to 19 Feb 02 (thirty days after the ARRL Contest) and see how you did
on 2m compared to those dreaded "Joneses".

So far, only 27 logs have been submitted - 18 SOLP, 1 - SOHP, 1 -
Multi-operator, 3 - QRP, and 4 Rover - so you have a real chance of getting
one of the plaques.

No, I won't tell you who is winning, but I will tell you that no category
has a real strong lock on a plaque yet.

Don, NL7CO/EM04
SWOT Contest Chairman

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