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VA2OOI for the new millennium. (victor alpha 2 oscar oscar india) 30/nov/2011

QSL direct (SASE, green stamp or IRC...) or via bureau to VE2PIJ.

You must write the call VE2PIJ on top right corner (2 sides)
Info for SASE:
Sase for dx    : 1.75$ (canadians stamps) 2$us
Sase for Canada: 0.59$ (canadians stamps) 1$us
Sase for US    : 1.03$ (canadians stamps) 1.25$us
For US, I accept a 75 cents US stamps (not stuck on envelope)

Grid expedition
Smirk contest        2007 A          FN36ka
Aug 10G contest      2002 ABCD9EGI   FN45kk
ARRL Sept QSO Party  2001 ABCD       FN45kk